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While Steve and I were at the I Can Do It seminar there was a company called Soundings exhibiting their CDs.  I went over to find some music I could use as background music while I work, and also music for meditation.  They were kind enough to let me hear samples of several of their CDs.  I was quite captivated by their offerings so I asked them to send me some demos to review.

The three they sent were:

  1. Between Two Worlds by Daniel Paul (the Tabla Tarong, Melody Drums of India)
  2. Sacred World Chants presented by Dean Evenson
  3. Eagle River by Dean Evenson

By far my favorite was Eagle River.  I took that CD on a 5 hour car ride with two small children in the back and it worked wonders for keeping me (and them) calm.  My 6 year old kept asking me to put it back on.  It’s the kind of music you can listen to for hours and not be bored.  It makes for great meditation music and background music while working.  I just loved it!

Steve enjoyed Sacred World Chants a little more than I did, but that’s probably because I prefer my music to be entirely instrumental.  There’s a great variety of chants on this CD from various cultures such as Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Zulu, and Yoruba.

Between Two Worlds was interesting but not totally my cup of tea. 

Two CDs I heard at the show that I really recommend are Ocean Dreams and Healing Waters.  Those were both wonderfully beautiful and soothing.

If you’re looking for spiritual music for meditation or long car rides with your kids 😉 then check out their huge selection and listen to some samples. 

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