Update on the Email Readings

Some of you have noticed that a couple of days ago I disabled the email readings, but if you go to the Intuitive Readings page now you will see that the email readings are re-enabled.  Here’s the skinny on all of that.

In the past 6 weeks I’ve done about 80 readings by email.  What I discovered was that the majority of people understood the metaphorical images the spirits gave me and were able to apply it to their lives pretty easily.  But some people had trouble with the metaphors because it’s sometimes hard to figure out what part of your life it pertains to, so I found myself doing some follow up readings to give these people clarity about their original reading.  That was taking up a lot of time so I concluded that the email readings were not a good way for me to do readings.

But I spent a couple of days working on this and talking to my guides.  I basically told them the metaphorical way of sending me information was no good for the email readings since people couldn’t get clarification if they needed it.  So after some discussion, they told me to let people tell me what area of their life they needed help with and answer questions based on that.  I practiced on a few people and that worked out well. 

So, I’ve changed the way I do email readings.  Now you can ask up to 3 questions instead of me just sending you the message the spirits want you to have.  I think this will work out better for all of us.  So if you were disappointed that the email reading option was gone, it’s back. :)

Thank you to everyone for your patience as I am still growing and learning.  And thank you to everyone who has sent me such positive feedback on your readings.  I am really enjoying connecting with you all on such a spiritual level.  And I have to say that many of you have some really amazing futures in store for you, and it’s exciting for me to see them ahead of time.  It’s like watching the preview in the movie theatre for the next X-Men movie or something. 😉

And lastly, thank you to everyone who has referred their family and friends to me or come back for multiple readings.  Your faith and confidence in my abilities means a lot to me and I sincerely appreciate it.

Shortly I will be doing a post about everything I’ve learned from doing over a hundred readings in these past 6 weeks.  Stay tuned.

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