Quick Q&A on the Readings

In the past several weeks I’ve received some questions about the readings and I thought I’d share the answers with everyone in case someone else has the same one.  You can also get more answers in the Readings FAQ.

Does a person’s energy stay with you after a reading?
Yes, to some extent.  If I’m doing several readings in a row then I have to zip the connection closed so I can open it to the next person’s guides.  When I’m done for the day, I do a meditation to thank all the spirits, guides, and higher selves I’ve worked with for the day, and to close down my connection so I can rest peacefully and not continue to get extra information while dreaming.  If you got a reading from me and have a quick follow up question, the best time to get an answer is within an hour of me doing the reading.  If you ask me after that then I have to go back in, open myself up, reconnect, and it takes a lot more time.

Why is there a limit of 3 questions on the email readings?
It takes me about 15-20 minutes to answer just those three questions because I’m typing instead of speaking.  With a phone reading, which is 20-30 minutes, I can usually answer 7-15 questions.  In the email readings I also sometimes get important information that my sitter didn’t ask for which I am compelled to pass on, and that takes extra time too.  So I offer 3 questions because that’s about how much time I have.

What is the most important thing I can do to prepare for a reading with you?
If you are getting a phone reading then you should have a pad of paper, a pen and some questions written on that pad.  That way you can be sure you get a chance to ask all your questions.  Also, you should make sure your energy is as high as possible.  When your energy is low, it is much harder for me to tune in.  When your energy is really high, I get amazing and more detailed information.  If you can do a quick 5 minute meditation to prepare for the reading that will benefit you.  If you are getting an email reading, just think carefully about your questions before you send them.  Try not to reiterate anything you already asked.  Try not to be too general (“what is my purpose in life?”) and try not to be overly detailed to the point where all I can give you is a yes or no response.  A little background is good but do not go overboard.  If you are meeting with me in person, do the same things I suggested for a phone reading.

Are we allowed to follow up with you after a reading?
Due to significant time constraints I seriously regret that I’m unable to continue a reading once it’s complete.  I love hearing feedback on the reading, but don’t ask me any more questions.  I simply can’t take the time to answer them with so many others waiting for a reading.  You are more than welcome to book another reading with me if you have more questions.  I have several clients who book a reading with me every week.  Just write down all your questions and when you feel ready, get another reading.

Do you ever get inaccurate information coming through?
I think every psychic and medium sometimes misinterprets something they’re hearing from the spirits.  Sometimes a guide will show me something that means one thing to me and something entirely different to my sitter.  In those cases I simply tell my sitter what I’m seeing and ask them if it means something to them. 

Are you able to tell me about my spirit guides?
When I connect with your guides they come through as a sort of collective energy so I don’t pick up on specific and individual energies.  But if I ask, then one or more of them will separate out from the group and present themselves to me and tell me in what specific way they are guiding you.  I didn’t know I could do this until I tried, so thank you to whoever asked it first.  Since then, I’ve gotten better at discerning the guides.

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