Criss Angel Mindfreak Update

Word from the powers that be at A&E, the episode of Criss Angel that I filmed is going to air on Halloween night (a Tuesday), and repeat the next day at the regular time (Wed at 10pm).  I don’t know if the show will be half an hour or if they’ll extend it to an hour.  On the one hand I’m glad they are airing it as a special because it fits in a lot better with a Halloween theme.  But on the other hand I wish it was airing this Wednesday so I could finally see how I’m going to be portrayed.  The suspense is agonizing.

I will send out an announcement a few days before the show airs.  The episode is titled Celebrity Seance and features Criss Angel doing a seance at the Amargosa Hotel with a bunch of celebrities.  Again, we filmed for 6 hours and they’ll probably show only a few minutes of footage.  But such is life.

Thanks to everyone who keeps emailing to ask me when the show will be on.  Your best bet is to stay tuned to this blog, sign up for my newsletter, or just set your Tivo to record all first run episodes of Criss Angel on any day and at any time.

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