Psychic Readings: 1 year later

I began doing professional intuitive readings on June 6, 2006 (yes, 6-6-06, what was I thinking?) 😉  So today marks the one year anniversary and of course we need to celebrate!

Looking back over this past year I can’t believe how far I’ve come and where I’ve ended up.  Taking that leap of faith in the beginning and trusting and listening to my guides was such a powerful move for me.  I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and guidance, so a big thank you goes out to my higher self, spirit guides, and my man Bob who is in charge of helping me connect with your higher selves, angels, guides, and deceased loved ones.

So what’s in store for Erin Pavlina this next year?

I’m a big believer in empowering others and helping to awaken your intuition.  So this year I’ll be working on an audio program that will include information about how to develop your own intuitive abilities and connect with your higher self and spirit guides.  I’ll be including a bunch of specific meditations you can use to accomplish all manner of goals.  About 80% of the people I read for ask me for ways they can connect to their own higher self and skip the middle man, so I feel this is a good product for me to start with.

I am also intending to do some local workshops on psychic development, and also how to trust and develop your intuition for everyday use.  And I may join Steve in doing a conference outside of Las Vegas.  We’ll see.

I will continue to provide psychic readings via phone and in-person so if you’ve been wanting to get one from me, now’s the perfect time.  Go here to order.  I won’t be bringing back the email readings.  I’ve lightened my reading schedule a little so that I’ll have time to work on the audio program which will benefit more than just one person at a time.

I’m also intending to increase my exposure and presence both on and offline.  If you have a compatible blog I’m open to interviews, which I will link to so you’ll get some traffic as well.  I’m also going to work on writing for other media sources such as magazines, and if anyone has a suggestion on suitable magazines, please let me know.

I expect this year to be wonderful and abundant as I expand my reach and continue to serve as a catalyst for others to begin their own intuitive work.  We’re rollin’ now!  Thank you to everyone who has sent me encouraging and positive feedback.  I love hearing from you even if I don’t always have time to answer.  I do still read everything.

Here’s to another amazing year!

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