New York City Trip

You may have read in Steve’s blog that he and I will be traveling to New York City the week of October 14 to 21.  We’re going to set up a meeting in one of the parks there for readers of both our blogs so we can do a meet and greet and maybe a spontaneous Q & A session as well.  The plan right now is to meet on Saturday, Oct 20.  If you’d like to come out and meet us and introduce yourself, please do so. 

Our meet up at the I Can Do It conference was great and we expect the New York meet up to be just as wonderful and inspiring.  You may even meet some new and interesting neighbors who share your interests.

If you would like to be notified as to the exact date, time, and location, please use my contact form to indicate your interest.  I will email everyone on my list with the meet up details as we get closer to the day.

I may also do some in-person readings in New York so if you’re interested in getting one, let me know that as well.  No committment required at this point, I just want to see what the level of interest is so I can decide if I want to set aside time for readings.

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