Audio Program Feedback Requested

As I’m working on my audio program I have realized that there is a lot of information that I could put in the program.  But before I commit to a certain path I thought it might be good to get some feedback on what you guys actually want to hear and learn about.  Here are the subjects currently in my audio program outline.  If you want, please comment in the discussion forum or send me a private email.

Explanation and Meditations on:
Chakras and Your Energetic Body
Tuning in to Your Higher Self
Meeting Your Spirit Guides
Remembering your Past Life and Future Self
How to Reconnect with Source
Receiving Healing

And separate programs covering life purpose, connecting with your intuition, how to commune with your ego, and how to become a vibrational match for your desires.

I could also go heavily into psychic development like how to speak with deceased relatives, increase your psychic senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.), the ethics of giving psychic readings, how to become a medium, building a spiritual business, and more of that.

What do you think you’d benefit from the most?  Since I’m comfortable discussing all of these things I thought it wise to find out what people want to hear the most.

Thanks for any and all feedback.  Much appreciated!

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