What is My Brand?

Steve wrote an interesting post yesterday about personal branding.  He asked his readers to send him three adjectives to describe him so he can get an idea of how he is branded in the minds of his readers.  He suggested I might want to do the same so I can get an idea of how I’m branded in the minds of my readers.  It’s a good tool to make sure that what you’re wanting to express is actually being received.  That way, if it isn’t, you can adjust your method of expression to make sure you’re being perceived as you think you really are.

To that end, I’d love it if you could send me three adjectives to describe me.  It will be very helpful to me, and I would be very grateful for your honest feedback.  I’ll post the results on the blog later.  Don’t post your three adjectives in the forum because I don’t want other people to read the responses and have them influence their own response.

Thank you!

Update: I have received enough adjectives now, thank you!  I’ll post the results. shortly


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