Ask Erin Submission Form Active Again

I decided to reopen the Ask Erin submission form, which I closed previously because I had more than 400 questions in the kitty. Instead of answering the questions in a blog article, I’m going to launch a YouTube series where I answer the questions on video. I believe (and hope) this will be faster and easier than writing an article, and it will give you a chance to connect with me via a different medium.

When you submit your question, please understand that I cannot answer personal questions in this medium. Questions should appeal to a wide audience so the most people can benefit from the answer. If you have a personal question or problem, you should book a reading with me instead.

Example of a good question: “How do pendulums work?”
Example of a bad question: “Where is my retainer?”

Feel free to ask questions related to any topic I currently blog about. So career, relationships, psychic development, the other side, the paranormal, lucid dreaming, astral projection, spirituality, wisdom, sex… okay not sex, but everything else I mentioned is fair game.

Submit a question to Erin right now (this has since been disabled, sorry for getting your hopes up)

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