Meditation Mind Teleseminar Now Available

In 2010 I did a teleseminar hosted by The Meditation Mind. We had a couple hundred people on the call live and I received more than 100 questions to answer, but we picked 25 questions and spent an hour talking about spirit guides, intuition, life purpose, and meditation.

Now you can purchase and instantly download the teleseminar to hear it for yourself. It’s full of useful and practical information to help you improve your intuition, connect with your guides, learn how to meditate, and discover your life purpose.

Some of the questions I answered include:

  • Where does intuition come from?
  • How can we strengthen our intuition?
  • How can you tell if your intuition is working?
  • Can your guides reveal your life purpose?
  • Who are our spirit guides?
  • What is the best way to get started with meditation?
  • How can you use meditation to increase productivity?
  • Should you meditate daily?
  • Can meditation help with relationship goals?
  • Feedback from those who listened live:
    “Your ideas are so grounded and practical. I like that I can use this information immediately to improve my life. Thank you!” – Jack

    “Erin, the teleseminar was awesome. Even though I got to hear it live, I would totally buy it just to hear it again. Please make this available so everyone can benefit from your ideas.” – Laura

    “You’ve got a real gift for explaining difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. That’s why I love your work so much.” – Chantille

    “Thank you for answering my question. I had no idea there were different intuitive modalities, and that explains why I couldn’t connect with my guides before. Can’t wait to try your suggestion.” – Jere

    Get the program now for just $19.97.

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