Special Announcement

I’m excited to tell you about some wonderful new things happening around here!

For a long time I’ve envisioned myself being part of a team that was working to help shift the planet to a vibration of love, gratitude, joy, and compassion.

I’ve met some amazing and wonderful people over the years. Some of them have been clients that I’ve read for. Some of them have been thought leaders and members of the personal development community. Some are peers and mentors, and some are just starting out on the path.

So many of us want to help others, help the planet, and see a shift. Some are transitioning into careers that do just that, and others struggle to find the path. Some are having an amazing impact already, and some are just awakening to the idea that this is possible.

What I’ve been envisioning is creating an organization that could provide resources, support, and leadership to those looking to have a positive impact on our planet.

I’ve held this vision for years while I ran my business – doing readings, training others to be professional intuitives, releasing products, and writing articles on the topics of spiritual, psychic, and personal development. However, although I could clearly see where I wanted to go, I was having trouble figuring out how to manifest my vision. So I continued to hold the vision, trusting it would manifest when the time was right and in its own perfect way.

A Vision Manifested
In early February, it happened. Exactly the right person stepped into my life, and after three days of intense energy work and discussion, we decided to become partners and create a new company that would support, organize, and assist people who want to help the planet.

That person is Udi Dahan. And the company we’ve formed is called SourceFinity.

SourceFinity is evolving every day, but right now we have a solid vision of providing leadership, support, and a sense of community among the multitude of people who want to see the planet shift towards the light.

I’m honored and privileged to be working with Udi, as he is an amazing, spiritually gifted man, who has the experience and wisdom to guide this company with me.

I invite you to explore the site (still in its infancy) and join with us as we begin this journey.

What about ErinPavlina.com?
So what does this mean for the ErinPavlina.com site? ErinPavlina.com will still be here. My products, articles, and videos will stay on the site and continue to be accessible. I will now be doing my readings through SourceFinity, and the Professional Intuitive Trainings will also be offered through SourceFinity.

Intuition Development Workshop
Which brings me to my other big announcement… I’m officially announcing that registration is open for the Intuition Development Workshop. SourceFinity will be selling the tickets to this event, which will be on April 28-29 in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel. You’ll find all the details at SourceFinity.

When you get there, you’ll see we’re offering three ticket options. A general admission for those who simply want to attend the workshop, and two other options for those who want a more intense, personal and extended experience. I wanted to make sure that everyone who attends gets as much personal attention as possible. For that reason we’re keeping the event pretty small, so if you want to go, please book early.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be stepping into the vision I’ve held for so long. I want to awaken and empower the lightworkers. I want to lead, grow, and create together. I want to be part of a team of people working in the flow to create a better world for everyone.

So pop on over to the SourceFinity site, register, and join us on this journey!

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