Early Bird Registration Ends Tomorrow

There are just 5 tickets left for the Intuition Development Workshop. And the early-bird registration price ends tomorrow.

Here are the details again:

Date: October 6-7
Location: Flamingo Hotel and Casino in sunny but finally cooling down Las Vegas, NV
Time: 9am to 5pm both days
Price: $397 until Sept 18 then $497 thereafter

7 Remarkably Great Reasons To Attend This Workshop:

1. You want to gain access to a new sense and ability that will save you time, energy, money and possibly your life.

2. You want to learn how to connect with your spirit guides so you can get guidance on your path anytime you want and need it.

3. You’re tired of getting a reading with Erin and want to learn to read for yourself.

4. You want to tell the universe to bugger off but aren’t sure it’s hearing you.

5. You’ve been dying to meet Erin in person and say “Hey, you’re awesome!”

6. You want to meet other amazing people who also want to learn how to master their intuition.

7. You want to bring Erin cookies.

As you can see, these are compelling reasons to attend this workshop. But seriously, if you’ve been thinking about it, if you’ve been feeling the nudge, then come. You’ll get long lasting benefits, and your guides are probably sick of beating their heads against the wall to get your attention.

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