New Product Release: Tranquility Programs

Recently, a friend sent me some music he’d been working on. I told him I’d listen to it when I had some time.

Fast forward to a dark and gloomy Monday in October. I’d received some very bad and upsetting news about the health of a family member. I was sad, stressed, and upset.

Then I got into an argument with someone close to me. The day was quickly falling into the abyss of days you just want to leave behind you as fast as possible.

During lunch I decided to listen to the music my friend had sent me.

And something really amazing and powerful happened.

Before I knew it, I had slipped into a higher frequency. My vibration raised to a place of love, peace and gratitude. My body tingled.

I started to spontaneously move into a clairaudient state. I made contact with a group of celestial beings. And we had a conversation.

Then I channeled a message about manifesting that which you desire and released it on my blog.

In just minutes I went from a low vibration to one of the highest vibrations I’ve ever achieved.

I called my friend immediately and said, “What the heck is in this music?”

He laughed and explained he’d created the tracks using amplitude modulation, a highly advanced form of brain entrainment, more effective, easier on the ear and brain, and more convenient than the traditional binaural beats (no need for headphones). This helps put you in those higher vibrations. I told him how awesome it was, and I asked him if he’d be willing to let me offer this to my readers. He said yes.

I am so excited to be able to offer you this music. You can use it to meditate, increase your psychic abilities, relax, raise your vibration, etc. Just don’t listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery!

I’ve got two programs to offer you. Both are 30 minutes long. And we’re offering them at a super low price so they are affordable for everyone.

I really can’t say enough about these programs. I highly recommend them.

Hear a 1 minute sample of each song:
Relaxing Rainfall

Tropical Ocean

Learn More
Buy Now  $9.97
Learn More
Buy Now   $9.97

If you do buy them, please contact me and let me know what you experienced while listening to them. I’ll be very curious what effect they had on you.

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