Ultimate You Mindfest is Returning!

Last year Learning Strategies hosted a free online event called the Ultimate You Mindfest. It was a weeklong series of short, punchy audio coaching sessions to condition your mind for positive thinking, success, and action orientation. That Mindfest was extremely popular with my readers, and I received many appreciative emails about it afterwards. As a promotional event, the Mindfest also did so well for the people running it that they’ve decided to run it again this year. They’re not just rerunning last year’s recordings though — this year’s content is all new.

The Mindfest is completely free. If you like the program, you have the option to buy the recordings afterwards. But you could also listen to the whole thing for free when it broadcasts if you like, and you have plenty of leeway for that — you don’t have to listen at a set time of day, just within a particular day’s window.

The Mindfest is once again hosted by Paul Scheele, who co-founded Learning Strategies 32 years ago. Paul is an acclaimed expert of human performance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), accelerated learning, and preconscious processing. Paul is very passionate about understanding how the mind works and helping people improve their lives. And he’s very good at teaching what he knows.

Over the course of 6 days, Paul will share the following lessons:

Day 1 – Make More Money: Clear away blocks to having plenty of money

Day 2 – Sharpen Your Memory: Overcome uncertainty and forgetfulness

Day 3 – Attract What You Want: Make the Law of Attraction work for your success

Day 4 – Be Free of Anxiety: Be fearless, strong, and successful

Day 5 – Kick-up Your Instincts: Use your intuition to make better decisions

Day 6 – Improve Your Health: Reduce stress and avoid illness

Bonus – Get to Your Ideal Weight: Use your inner mind to help you lose extra pounds

For each day of the course, you actually get two programs — one lesson from Paul and one Paraliminal to listen to.

The Mindfest is free, so it won’t cost you anything. You’ll have two new programs each day that you can stream from your computer, tablet, or phone. If you miss a day, that’s no problem since each day of the Mindfest is designed to stand on its own. Feel free to listen to whichever sessions most interest you if you’re short on time.

The Mindfest officially begins on Monday, March 18th. I suggest that you register for it now (which takes about 2 seconds). That way you’ll get a reminder email when the Mindfest is about to begin. There’s also a contest with some nice prizes you could win.

Visit the Ultimate You Mindfest website to get started. I’m signed up for it myself.

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