Tell Them Now

On August 1, 2011 I started a 30 day trial of expressing love and gratitude to one person per day. I mentioned I would write about the experience when the trial was complete and also gather and share some thoughts and experiences from other readers who did the trial with me. If you did the… Read On

Give It a Rest

If you’re sad, depressed, angry, upset, ashamed, guilty, stressed, worried, concerned, nervous, anxious, or feeling any other emotion that doesn’t feel “good” to you, I want you to set it aside just for today. Just for today, tell the feeling you’re going to give it a rest, let it go on vacation, give it a… Read On

I Have a Dream Too

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I wanted to share my own dream for our world. My dream is simple. I have a dream that one day the people of the world will put a greater value on love and peace than on violence. I have a dream that one day conflict resolution… Read On

6 Ways to Raise Someone Else’s Vibration

In my audio program, Raising Your Vibration, I share 10 ways you can raise your vibration in less than 10 minutes. But what if your vibration is just fine and you’re around someone whose vibration is low? What if their low vibration is so strong that it starts to bring YOU down? Is there anything… Read On

5 Life Lessons I Learned From Hiking

I went hiking (for the first time in years!) this past weekend with some friends in the beautiful Mount Charleston area of Nevada. I realized as I was trudging through the forested area that the entire hike was a metaphor for life. Here are five lessons I learned from hiking that go way beyond the… Read On