Why Would Someone Choose a Hard Life?

I got an email from a guy who was very upset with me. He had read my article about how we choose our own parents and life circumstances and had quite the bee buzzing in his bonnet. He very angrily said, “Why would someone choose to be poor? Why would someone choose to be disabled?… Read On

A Good Cup of Soup

A couple of weeks ago I met a man who completely blew my mind. He was an African American male in his 70′s who had lost everything he owned in a fire just 3 hours earlier. Most of the time when I’m assisting victims of fire, they are scared, sad, anxious, and devastated. But not… Read On

Does Everyone Have a Life Purpose?

In many of the readings I do, my clients ask me what their life purpose is. It’s one of my favorite questions because, really, who doesn’t want to know why they incarnated! But sometimes people fear they have no purpose. So I want to explain what I’ve encountered so you get a better understanding of… Read On

Do You Offer Something Valuable?

I’ve worked with thousands of clients, many of whom are trying to start their own business or transition into a career where they are working for themselves. That’s fantastic. But one thing I often uncover is that what they want to offer to others is of no real value to others. And then they wonder… Read On

Mini Facebook Workshop This Monday

I was driving Emily to school this morning and got hit with a directive from my guides. We’re going to conduct a mini workshop on Monday, January 14 right on Facebook. The topic: If you are currently unhappy with your job, you will want to attend. That’s all I can say right now because that’s… Read On