Do we astral project every time we sleep?

Welcome to the second episode of my new YouTube series, Ask Erin Pavlina. Each week I’m posting a new video that answers a question submitted by one of my readers. Please share with your friends who you think might be interested in this topic. Feel free to submit a question of your own. Subscribe to… Read On

Can you pull people out of their bodies astrally?

Question: Is it possible to go astral, fly to a friend’s house, yank them out of their bodies, and go traveling on the astral plane together? If so, how do I do this, and will my friend remember the experience? Answer: Ah the joys of astral travel with a buddy. Once you’ve learned how to… Read On

Can you prevent astral projection?

Question: It’s happened to me several times that I wake up in bed on my back, totally paralyzed, and then I hear this high-pitched whine and feel a buzzing sensation in my body, and there’s a bad energy in the room with me just waiting for me to astral project and I don’t want to…. Read On

Demons, Entities, and Possession Oh My!

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from people worried that they are being attacked by a demon or are being possessed or are being haunted. I’ve discovered there’s a lot of misinformation roaming around out there and some misconceptions about demons, possession, and negative entity attachments. So I think some education is in… Read On

Can you affect things on the physical plane while you are astral?

Question: Can you affect things on the physical plane while you are astral? For example could I knock a glass over if I’m astral projecting so that when I returned to my body I would see it lying on the floor where previously it was on my nightstand? Answer:  Not usually, no.  In my many… Read On