The Nutter Effect

I got an email from a client the other day. I’ll paraphrase for brevity. “You gave me a reading 4 years ago and you told me I was going to make a film about a rare disease and publish it via YouTube. To be honest, after you told me that, I thought you were a… Read On

The Astral Projection Guidebook is Now Available!

The wait is finally over! The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel is now available for purchase. I wrote this book in response to the thousands of emails I got from people who were trying to learn to project but were having difficulty or having terrifying experiences. This book will show you… Read On

News and Announcements – July 2013

There’s a lot going on around the Erin Pavlina office, and I’ve been super busy, but I want to share a bit of what’s happening so you can avail yourself of some opportunities. Professional Intuitive Training Program Enrollment is now open for my Professional Intuitive Training program. I’ve got two dates planned and I can… Read On

7-Year Anniversary: News and Updates

Today marks the 7 year anniversary of the day I began doing professional intuitive readings for clients. It was a dream come true to be able to hone this gift into something useful to others. Since that day, I’ve read for thousands of people all across the globe. I’ve met some amazing individuals who have… Read On

Join Erin Pavlina Live Online – March 9, 2013

What do YOU want to know? About life, the universe, and everything? Is there a question you’ve always want to ask me? Do you want to know why we incarnate? How to transition to a more fulfilling career? How to meditate? How to talk to your loved ones on the other side? Now’s your chance… Read On