Is My Deceased Loved One Okay?

The number one question people ask me during mediumship readings is whether their deceased loved one is okay on the other side. “Is he alright? Did he make it? Is he safe? Is he comfortable? Is he happy?” There are very few situations in which your loved one may not be alright. I want to… Read On

How many loved ones from our past lives greet us on the other side?

Question: If we have reincarnated many times in our life, then when we die and reach the afterlife, won’t we have multiple families from all of our past lives who greet us when we crossover? – Shane Answer: Great question. Instead of saying “multiple families” I would instead use the term “multiple loved ones.” When… Read On

Will I see a loved one on the other side if they’ve already reincarnated?

Question: My question is what happens if someone to whom you were very close chooses to incarnate before you die. Will they still be able to greet you on the other side? – Jennifer Answer: Most of the time a person does not choose to reincarnate so quickly. I often hear of people who say,… Read On

Can we meet celebrities on the other side?

Question: Can we meet celebrities on the other side? Answer:  More than one person has asked me this question recently, and in light of the recent deaths of so many celebrities (David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson) I figure it’s a good time to answer it. Technically, the answer is yes.  You… Read On

Who greets us on the other side?

Question:  Who greets you on the other side when you cross over?  Will I see just family members or will I also see friends?  Will I see Jesus or some other religious figure?  And what about pets? Answer:  You are greeted on the other side by Love.  You can expect to see angels, family, friends,… Read On