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Coming to Phoenix
I’ll be in Phoenix, AZ from November 6th to the 10th.  If you live in that area and would like to get an intuitive reading with me, please contact me to arrange an appointment.  I’ll be attending the Celebrate Your Life conference.  I’m excited because James Van Praagh is teaching a medium course all day Friday.  He’s one of the few psychic mediums I haven’t met yet, so I’m excited to connect with him and enhance my medium abilities.  Many of the Hay House authors will be speaking there as well.

Travel Schedule
How would you like me to come to your city to do a workshop, seminar, or for private readings?  Request it!  I’ve put up a form you can use to indicate what city you’d like me to visit.  As I plan my travel schedule for 2009 I’ll take into consideration areas with the highest concentration of requests.  Perhaps Steve and I will do a workshop/seminar together as well.

I’m going to be sending out my newsletter more regularly now.  The newsletter is going to contain news, articles, exercises, inspiration, and information not already found on the blog or site, so if you’re not already signed up you can do so here.  Don’t miss a newsletter!  I’ll probably send them out once or twice a month.

I know I’ve been talking about putting out an audio program or other product for more than a year now!  Wow, time flies.  But I’ve finally nailed down the product due to the high demand for this information.  I’ll be doing an audio program all about spirit guides: who are they, how to contact them, and it will include meditations for you to use on your own so you can talk to them yourselves.  It’s going to be thorough, wonderful and affordable! 

Thank You
I really enjoy the wonderful and positive feedback I get from my readers.  It really warms my heart to know I’ve connected with so many of you and that the articles on my site are inspiring and helpful.  It’s rare that someone will send me negative feedback, so I feel very blessed to receive such positive communication.  For those of you who have sent me loving emails that encourage me to continue this work, thank you!  To everyone who emails me with questions, sometimes I need to refer you to the forums and sometimes you catch me at just the right time to get a long in-depth answer.  I do read all of my email, but sometimes there is just too much, or the questions would require a book to answer properly.  Thank you for your understanding.

I mentioned briefly in my blog entry, Transformational Weekend, that I’m going through, well, a transformation.  I’m becoming more clear about the message I’m here to express, and I’m discerning new paths and new ways to express that message.  As I process it all, I will share it, but I’m seeing some really interesting things coming up for myself in the future.  Stay tuned and join me on the journey.

I want to encourage you to visit the forums and to participate if you feel like it.  I have found the Personal Development for Smart People forums to be quite unlike most discussion boards.  You will find a mature group of intelligent people who are highly aware and eager to explore life.  Maybe you’ll get some help with a problem you have, or perhaps you can help another with a problem.  It’s a great community.  Don’t be shy, jump on into the conversation.

Have a blessed day.  Spread some joy! 🙂

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