Vegan Family Favorites Now an Ebook

I am officially taking my vegan cookbook, Vegan Family Favorites, out of print. 

But fear not, I’ve transformed it into an ebook as I’ve had a lot of demand from people overseas who want the book but for which shipping was prohibitive.  The best thing about the ebook format is that you can either print out the entire book or just print out the recipes you want to make.  I keep my favorite recipes in a folder in my kitchen.  It doesn’t take up as much room as an actual book, and I can just pull out a recipe and lay it flat on my counter.

Vegan Family Favorites contains about 200 recipes that are easy to make, sinfully delicious, and just so tasty.  The recipes were sent in by vegan families all over the world and were tested by other vegan families to make sure they were all good.

You can view photos of every recipe in the book to whet your appetite:  Recipe Photos

Even if you’re not vegan I truly believe you’ll love these recipes.  Non-vegan family and friends go crazy nutso for many of the recipes in the book.  This is an especially good cookbook for those flirting with or transitioning to a vegan diet.  Comfort foods, simple normal ingredients that you have in your kitchen, and most recipes can be made in just minutes.  And if you have children, this book is excellent for helping them eat healthier versions of old family favorites.

The cost for the ebook version is just $14.97.  You can order it here and have it lickety split!  You can pay by credit card or Paypal very easily.

Don’t delay, get it today. 🙂

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