Your Astral Projection Questions Answered!

How are you doing in your pursuit of astral projection?

Are you stuck on anything? Do you need any assistance?

Do you have any questions I can answer?

I was going to do a live teleseminar to answer everyone’s astral projection questions but it’s tough to get everyone on a single call due to time zone variability.

So instead, we’ll do a pre-recorded teleseminar.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Sign up for the program. It’s $15.
2. Submit your question to me via email by January 8, 2014.
3. On January 15, 2014 you will receive the program as a download (mp3) in your email inbox.
4. I guarantee I will answer the question you submit.

If you don’t have a question but want to hear other people’s questions and my answers to them, you can also sign up for the program.

Sign up here: Astral Projection Q&A Program

Then you will receive a receipt and another email with instructions on how to submit your question.

All questions must be received no later than January 8 in order to be included in the program.

It’s helpful if you’ve read my book, The Astral Projection Guidebook, but it’s not required.

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