What To Do When Your Paths Diverge

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship that started out fantastic only to fizzle a couple of years (or decades) later? What happened to the dream? The plan? The goal? Did you wake up one day and realize that the two of you had incompatible goals? What did you do about it? Did you… Read On

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How to Energetically Let Go of an Ex

How do you handle break-ups? Do you eat chocolate or ice cream? Cry on your friends’ shoulders? Go drinking with your buddies? Hole yourself up in your room with a box of tissues, a match, and a photo? If you’ve had your heart broken, you know there’s no fast and easy fix. You try to… Read On

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Honoring the Tears

Have you ever suffered a loss? Said goodbye to a relationship? Or a loved one? Did you allow yourself to feel the pain of that loss or did you try stifle it, get past it, ignore it, or bury the pain? Are you still carrying that pain inside of you? Have you ever fully acknowledged… Read On

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