How do I know if I’m really talking to my higher self or something else?

Question:  I’m enjoying your blog and learning how to channel my higher self, but how do I know if I’m really in contact with my higher self or with an entity masquerading as my higher self? Answer:  It takes time, practice, and discernment to know when you’re in contact with your higher self or just… Read On

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How Should You Communicate With Your Spirit Guides?

Is there some special way you’re supposed to talk to your spirit guides, angels, higher self, and/or God?  Do you have to speak out loud or can you talk to them in your mind? You can do both and they will hear you both ways.  When you think a thought, it creates energy.  That energy… Read On

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How To Become The Person You Always Wanted To Be

Do you sometimes wish you could be more organized?  More productive?  Do you wish you were more honest or kind?  Do you want to be more attractive?  Do you crave better health?  Are there just some parts of yourself you hate and want to change?  Recently I realized that becoming the person you really want… Read On

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