You’re a helper. It’s in your blood. You love helping others achieve their goals, overcome their fears, and heal. It’s something you’ve been doing naturally for years.

And you’re wondering if you could do it for a living. You’re wondering if you could be a professional intuitive, or use your intuitive abilities in your current job to assist others more powerfully and fully.

You can.

I can teach you how.

Upcoming Trainings

These trainings take place in Las Vegas, Nevada

There are currently no trainings scheduled. Please reach out to Erin for private training opportunities and their cost.

What Is The Program All About?

During our time together I will teach you:

  • How to open your chakras to boost your signal
  • How to connect with your conduit guide who will help you read for others
  • How to connect with your clients’ spirit guides directly and channel their messages to your clients
  • How to communicate with deceased people so you can pass on their messages to your clients
  • How to help your clients get over their fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs quickly and powerfully
  • How to communicate with your clients compassionately and with authority so you can help them achieve their goals and release their fears
  • How to create a business that will attract just the right clients to you
  • How to market yourself and build a practice
  • How to handle problems, issues, and challenges in your practice

Why Train with Erin Pavlina?

Since 2006 I have read for thousands of clients across the world. I’ve developed a reputation for being accurate, insightful, helpful, compassionate, caring, and honest.

It is my sincere desire to train others to become professional intuitives so that as a group we can help as many people as possible.

I’ve been blessed to earn a six-figure income doing work I absolutely love. And I’ve met some amazing and wonderfully gifted students who I’m proud to call graduates of my program, because they are now out there giving readings and assisting their clients in a responsible, ethical way.

I’ve written hundreds of articles on the topics of personal, psychic, and spiritual development on a blog visited by more than a million people a year. I work with some of the top entrepreneurs, speakers, and personal development experts in the world, who trust me to guide them and their businesses to success and happiness.

I want to help you get started on this amazing and rewarding path.

How is This Program Different?

You can read books, get audio programs, or get some coaching, which all helps. But I’ve tailored my program specifically to the needs and goals of my students. Nowhere can you get a more personalized experience. For example:

Super small class size: I limit class size to no more than 4 students at a time so I can give personalized attention to all of my students. Other trainers will pack the room with as many people as possible, which gives you very little chance of getting personal attention.

Actual live readings with strangers: As part of the program, you will be required to give intuitive readings to people you don’t know so that I can be sure you’re getting and giving accurate information to your client. In most other classes, you work with the other students, and as you get to know them, your ability to give an objective reading declines.

Instant feedback: I will give you instant feedback on the reading you give your practice clients so you can ask questions while they’re still fresh in your mind, and go over information you weren’t sure about. This helps you improve immediately before bad habits set in.

Tailored to your needs: I interview all potential students ahead of time to find out their strengths and areas of professional interest so I can tailor the program to suit your needs. So whether you are a medium or an intuitive coach, you will get training specific to your intended field of interest. In other training programs, you get the same program and training that everyone else in the class receives, regardless of your personal needs.

Help setting up your practice: I devote time to discussing how to find clients, create a website, schedule appointments, handle business challenges, and how to set your prices, so that when you graduate, you will also have a business plan ready to go.

Referrals: Sometimes I have the opportunity to refer clients to other intuitives. When making referrals, I always recommend one of my graduates since I know they are qualified to give accurate, ethical, powerful readings.

All your questions answered: Due to the small class size, there is time for every student to ask me every question they can possibly think of. This level of personalized service is rare in the industry.

Ongoing support: I stay in close contact with my graduates, assisting and helping them even when training is over (at no extra charge). In fact, you’ll get to be part of ongoing Skype conference calls with the other program graduates so you can get advice, share thoughts, or get ideas for improving your skills or practice.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Training?

You know how to access your guides using one or more of your clair abilities
You know how to discern the voice of your guides from your imagination
You desire to help others
You’re willing to commit to practicing and improving as you go along
You can afford the training
You can take three days off to spend in Las Vegas for training

I’ve trained people who were planning to be intuitive counselors, intuitive coaches, NLP practitioners, therapists, business consultants, reiki practitioners, relationship experts, and more. If you work one on one with people to help them heal emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually, then you can use what I teach you to help your clients faster and more powerfully.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tuition for this program is $3000. Most of my students make back their investment after only 40 hours of working.

What Erin’s Graduates Say:

“Before I signed up for Erin’s program I didn’t even know what a chakra was, but I had the ability to connect with deceased people and I needed help learning how to harness the ability so I could help others. Erin helped me focus my abilities and taught me how to tune in to people’s energy centers, which gave me a structure and foundation for providing readings to clients. She’s patient, warm, and gives very constructive feedback on message delivery. I no longer feel alone on this journey, and am thrilled to be welcomed into the intuitive community with open arms. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in going pro!”

– Christine Pavlina
I really loved learning from Erin Pavlina! I have been tuning into my intuitive side my entire life and had actually done readings for others in the past. What I think is unique about her Professional Intuitive Training Program is the years of experience she has that you can draw from. The course gives you the opportunity to work live with clients both in person and on the phone. Erin is right there tuned in with you to support your confidence and clarify things. She helped me hone my reading skills by helping me tune into what they most needed to know. There are many challenges with starting any new venture but there are some that are unique to intuitive readings. Her course not only teaches you how to tap in to your own unique intuitive gifts but how to be in the business of being an intuitive reader. You are able to get answers to your questions about pricing, reading structure, the set up of appointments, refund policies and more. In addition to the training you get access to the student community where there is wonderful ongoing support. You are not trained and then left to figure it out. There are calls where we all meet and share what is working for each of us. You are able to ask questions and grow your business. I cannot recommend the course more highly. Erin is the real deal and is a wonderful teacher.

– Zen DeBrucke
I consider the time and money I spent taking Erin’s Professional Intuitive training to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The course is well-structured and blends Erin’s teaching with opportunities for experiential learning. Although I was very nervous (and excited!) to practice reading for people, Erin’s gentle and encouraging manner made me feel at ease and her feedback was always positive and constructive. It’s hard to believe that someone so talented and well-known could be so warm and down to earth, but that’s just how Erin is. The skills I learned with Erin have helped me be a more effective mental health counselor and offer intuitive readings as an additional service. If you are thinking about developing or just exploring your intuitive abilities, you should take this training. It will be money and time well spent.

– Sharon Moffatt
I truly didn’t know what to expect with Erin’s training. I knew I was uncertain of myself and full of anxiety, but all of that disappeared when the training began. Erin is a born teacher of the light. What I learned with her has allowed me to have the confidence to use my gifts to not only make a living, but best of all, to help others. It is well worth your time and money, but more so, it is an opportunity to truly fly.

I was already successfully and accurately giving client readings when I decided to attend Erin’s training. I wanted to learn to fine tune my method, meet my conduit guide, learn more of a systematic approach, work on mediumship, and gain confidence. During the training, Erin listened to me give readings and gave instruction on how to improve my readings and delivery. This was very valuable to me. One of the best benefits of her training is that she holds group conference calls with her graduates and gives continual support to us all. Erin’s teaching style is honest, direct, gentle, and encouraging. I recommend her training to anyone who wants to improve their skills as a professional intuitive.

– Dannah Chaifetz
I highly recommend Erin Pavlina’s Professional Intuitive Training Program! I had already been doing intuitive counseling sessions when I decided to sign up for the training, but I still had a lot of questions about how to take full advantage of my abilities to help others. Erin taught me specific techniques to improve my connection with my clients’ guides and get clearer and more precise information. The feedback and validation she provided during the practice sessions helped me develop more trust in my abilities, which has made a huge difference in the quality of my work. Not only am I better at my job as a result of this training, but I enjoy it more and find it more effortless as well! The training was invaluable to me and the ongoing support is priceless. Thank you Erin!

– Jessica Peppler
Taking Erin’s Professional Intuitive Training was one of the best things I’ve ever gifted myself with. Her teachings upgraded my level of proficiency way beyond what I could have imagined or expected. I incorporated everything she taught me into my readings and in the years since graduating I have been consistently spot on in my insights with my clients! I highly recommend her program to anyone wanting to pursue their path as an intuitive. Her compassionate teaching method provides safety in learning and trust in yourself. The investment you make in this program is really an investment in yourself and will be paid back many times over.

I signed up for Erin’s Professional Intuitive Training program because I had a strong desire to use my intuitive gifts and talents to help people. I felt drawn to Erin and thought she might be the perfect person to help me figure out how to use my gifts and hone them. This was a fantastic decision! She keeps her trainings small so she can provide a lot of personal attention to her students. I felt very comfortable with my group; there were three of us in my training. She answered every question I had during the training, and after the training she continued to offer support when I had a business or intuition question. She covers everything you need to know to take your intuitive skills to the next level so that you can offer your services to others. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to use their intuition to help others. I am now earning money as a professional intuitive and I’m excited to build my practice.

– Erin Ashley Kerti
I am so appreciative of the training I received from Erin Pavlina’s Professional Intuitive Training Program. The program is well structured, and Erin caters to diverse learning abilities. For me, I was able to access my dominant intuitive modality and, through Erin’s encouragement and explanations, I was able to tune in using other modalities I didn’t know I had. If you plan to become a professional intuitive, this training is for you. I acquired the skills and structure necessary to give my clients accurate readings. Erin delivers wisdom and insight, and stays very connected to her students so she can make sure they understand a method or concept before moving on. Doing the practice readings with live clients while Erin was there was invaluable as she was able to provide instant feedback and help me make adjustments to my method and style. I’ve already begun doing my own professional readings with great success. The training is a gift that I am truly grateful for; it helped me trust my own abilities. I feel great knowing I am making a contribution to the world with my intuition. Thank you Erin!

– Adrienne Ventura
Erin’s training helped me become more confident and trusting of my intuitive abilities, and it helped me determine my intuitive strengths. During training, we had the opportunity to do phone readings and face-to-face readings, and Erin provided advice, validation, reassurance, and encouragement. Her approach is caring, ethical, and straightforward with no nonsense or fluff. Erin is a great role model due to the consistent demonstration of her own intuitive abilities. She’s clear, quick and accurate. Within a week of returning home from training, I’ve begun providing intuitive readings and have received very positive feedback. For anyone who wants to strengthen their intuition and help others, it would be worthwhile to check out Erin’s training program.

– Jessica Ang
If you’re ready to take your intuitive skills to the next level, Erin’s Professional Intuitive Training is for you! I was receiving guidance for some time prior the this training; however, when it’s all “in your head” it’s very difficult to fully trust that the information coming through is actually intuitive guidance. Erin not only validated the information I was receiving, she also taught me an effective and reliable method for receiving and interpreting specific information for others. Without a doubt, the intuitive skills I learned at this training will exponentially increase my ability to help others. Simply put, it’s impossible to place a price tag on the value I received from this training!

– Sherry Nelson, Ph.D.
Training with Erin Pavlina in her Professional Intuitive Training course was just what I needed to put the finishing touches on my psychic/medium skills. Her ability to quickly process information and clearly articulate information was of great value to me. Throughout the course I was clearly guided; from connecting with my conduit guide to learning proper communication techniques with my clients. It was extremely comprehensive yet easy to initiate. Erin was very accommodating in meeting my personal needs; patiently adjusting her teaching style to match my learning style, yet always staying on task and remaining consistent with content. I would recommend Erin Pavlinas Training Course to anyone interested in learning to work with Spirit. I see value in applying this technique both personally and professionally, and I am seeing the benefit already.

– Maggie Scrobonia
Going Above and Beyond


I’m Ready! How Do I Sign Up?

Just send me a request via this contact form and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


Do you offer a payment plan?
You can make payments as long as you are paid in full by the first day of training. I will need a $500 deposit to hold your spot. This deposit is non-refundable as you are reserving space in a very limited program.

Will you teach us using tarot cards or other divination tools?
No, there will be no divination tools like cards, pendulums, I Ching, or crystal balls. Bring your intuition and your desire to help others; it’s all you need.

Can I record the training so I can refer back to it later?
You will take notes, plus I will give you materials you can take home. Most of the training will be very experiential.

Where do the trainings take place?
Trainings generally take place in Las Vegas which is where I live, but if you’re willing to pay travel and accommodation expenses, I will consider coming to your location for private or group training.

Will I receive some sort of certification when we’re done?
Yes, when you complete the program you’ll receive a certificate showing you are a certified graduate of Erin Pavlina’s Professional Intuitive Training Program.

Will you refer clients to us?
I sometimes refer clients to my graduates. There are no guaranteed referrals, but most of my students have received referrals.

Can I come to part of a training?
You need to attend all days of training in order to graduate.

If I sign up for the training and can’t make it, do you offer a refund?
Since class size is super limited and it would be difficult to find someone at the last minute to take your spot, you cannot get a refund of your tuition once it has been paid. You can, however, attend a future training as long as space is available. Do not sign up unless you are sure you can attend. If you become ill or cannot make your scheduled training, you can attend another one.

When I’m done with the program will I be a professional intuitive ready to do readings?
You will be properly trained and educated and capable of doing readings professionally, but it will be up to you to put in the hours necessary to become good at your craft. This training program is like going to college; you must apply what you’ve learned, diligently and with patience. You must build your skills and get your experience so that you can become a respected professional intuitive in the field.

I’m ready, where do I sign up?
Contact me and express your interest. We’ll decide together if this program is right for you.

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