About Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina is one of the most highly regarded and highly sought after intuitive counselors in the world today. She is most often described as compassionate, intuitive, and down-to-earth, providing a combination of wisdom and insight to make the spiritual very practical.

Although Erin has been developing and using her intuitive gifts since she was a young child, it wasn’t until 2006 that she began blogging and sharing her wisdom and experiences with the world. She has written more than 700 articles on the subjects of spiritual, psychic, and personal development.

Erin’s specialty is helping you get moving on your life path. Her clients consult with her in the areas of career, relationships, finances, health, and spirituality. She uses her intuitive abilities to connect with your spirit guides to get information to help you on your path, and/or to help you overcome the blocks to your success. To date she has worked with more than 5,000 clients worldwide. Get a reading with Erin when you need practical advice you can act on.

Erin now offers personalized training to those who would like to become professional intuitives, or who want to add value to the services they currently offer. She has trained coaches, psychologists, counselors, NLP practitioners, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters, mediums, and business consultants.

She is passionate about awakening and empowering other lightworkers so that they too can create a positive ripple effect in the fabric of humanity.

Erin is here to help you become empowered, inspired, and motivated to fulfill your life purpose. She can help you get back on a path that feels good and results in greater happiness in all areas of your life.

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