Your Unseen Helpers

You can’t see them, but they’re there. Invisible helpers, standing right next to you. Cheering for you when you’re excited. Hugging you when you’re sad. Holding and supporting you when you’re devastated. They’re there. Who are they? Why are they there? And is there any way to know when one is around? I’m talking about… Read On

Is it possible to become a spirit guide?

Question: Is it possible to become a spirit guide? – Noah Answer: Spirit guides are non-corporeal entities who have agreed to assist one or more people who have incarnated. The job of a guide is to nudge here and there, inspire, and support human beings as they navigate the maze of life. Spirit guides are… Read On

How can I tell if my readings are accurate and beneficial?

Question: How will I know if my tarot card readings are beneficial and accurate? – Anushri Answer: Ideally, any intuitive reading, no matter how it is conducted, or what tools are used, will include some information that can be used to validate your connection to spirit. In other words, something should come through that you… Read On

How Powerful Are Your Guides?

What can your spirit guides actually do for you? How powerful are they? People ask me variations of this question a lot. Are guides powerful enough to perform miracles or feats of magic? Could they, say, teleport you out of a burning building or make you win the lottery? And if they can’t do these… Read On

What if a deceased relative won’t communicate?

Question: Whenever I get a reading with a medium, my grandfather always comes through but my own father never does. What does this mean? Does he not want to talk to me? Is he somewhere where he can’t talk to me? Is there any way to get him to communicate with me? – Carol Answer:… Read On