Demons, Entities, and Possession Oh My!

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from people worried that they are being attacked by a demon or are being possessed or are being haunted. I’ve discovered there’s a lot of misinformation roaming around out there and some misconceptions about demons, possession, and negative entity attachments. So I think some education is in… Read On

Can you affect things on the physical plane while you are astral?

Question: Can you affect things on the physical plane while you are astral? For example could I knock a glass over if I’m astral projecting so that when I returned to my body I would see it lying on the floor where previously it was on my nightstand? Answer:  Not usually, no.  In my many… Read On

Quick Answers to Quick Questions Part 2

Last year, to clear my Ask Erin inbox, I decided to post a bunch of quick answers to quick questions.  I’m going to do that again.  These are questions I can answer easily but don’t really warrant their own blog entry.  I figure a quick answer now is better than a long answer never.  So… Read On

Audio Podcast: Being Psychic

Well it’s been a while since I recorded a podcast, but today Steve and I recorded a 96 minute podcast together where we discuss psychic abilities, being psychic, and some of my experiences as I developed into a professional psychic.  We had a lot of fun using a very unscripted, conversational style that I think… Read On

Creepy Guy and the Flywheel

In honor of Halloween I thought I’d share a scary incident from when I was in college.  This experience really freaked me out and to this day I’m not totally sure what really happened. I was probably around 20 years old and commuting from home to college.  My car at the time had a busted… Read On