My Encounter with the Astral Vampire

This is the tale of my first experience with an astral vampire.  It remains one of the more frightening astral experiences of my life. I was in my late teens (17-19, something in there) and I was dating a guy whom I’ll call Jared.  One day we were in my bedroom just having a conversation… Read On

Premonition at the Park

An interesting event happened on Saturday while Steve and I and the kids were at the Adventuredome in Circus Circus.  We were tooling along through the park, going on rides, and having a wonderful time.  While Steve and Emily were on the water ride, Kyle and I were waiting for them (Kyle was too little… Read On

Reaction to the Criss Angel Episode

If you watched the Criss Angel show last night and you blinked you probably missed me. ;)  I’d guess I had about 30 seconds of total air time, and 10 seconds of dialogue.  But I suspected this would happen since the Criss Angel show is not about paranormal investigations, but about magic, illusion, and drama. … Read On

Spooky Seance

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Las Vegas Paranormal Conference.  This was my first such conference and I was excited to meet people in the ghost and paranormal industry.  But it was a small conference, no more than 70 people or so.  I attended the mixer and met some interesting people while sipping… Read On

The Path to Purpose

People ask me all the time how they can figure out their purpose, their one true path through life.  I’m sure there is more than one way to get there, but let me share the method I used to finally find my way.  Perhaps it will work for you too. What do you want to… Read On