Welcome to Naptown

“Last night I dreamed I was a butterfly, and now I do not know if I am a man who dreamed he was a butterfly, or a butterfly now dreaming I am a man.” – Lao Tzu If you’ve listened to my podcast over at Steve’s site on Lucid Dreaming then you’ll know that I’m an… Read On

The Lights of Christ

Back in my early 20’s I had an interesting experience that I want to share. I was living at home, and my car at the time was a white Buick.  One night while sleeping I had a strange dream.  In the dream a phone rang and I answered it.  A woman’s voice said, “I have… Read On

Meeting John Edward: A Dream Come True

A few weeks ago Steve said, “What would you most enjoy doing right now?”  I thought about it and I said, “I would catch up on the web consulting work I have to do.”  And he said, “No, I said what would most enjoy doing?  Really, if you could snap your fingers and be doing… Read On

Signs and Confirmations

Something really unexpected but very intriguing has been happening to me ever since I started doing all the readings.  I was doing a reading a few weeks ago and the spirit was telling my sitter (the person I’m reading for) about the duck that can’t fly.  Of all the images this spirit was sending, this… Read On

Psychic Readings Update

Wow.  A couple of weeks ago when I updated the site I also decided to start offering psychic readings.  I was excited when the first three requests came in within just a couple of hours of the announcement.  I was thrilled when after just 24 hours I had more than a dozen reading requests.  And… Read On