The Golden Rule

In fourth grade my teacher, Mrs. Cameron, had the Golden Rule written out and displayed above the chalkboard so we could see it every day.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  So each day while I was learning that Columbus discovered America, that 8 x 2 was 16, and that… Read On

Every Vote Counts

In my high school Government class, my teacher, Mr. Craft, had us do this wonderful experiment to help us understand how a President is elected in the United States of America.  I learned something valuable in the week long experiment, not just about how a President is elected, I learned something valuable about myself.  Here… Read On

My Experience at the Nevada Caucus

I decided to attend the 2008 Nevada Caucus this past Saturday because I wanted to support my current favorite candidate, and also to see what this caucus thing was all about.  I was in for quite an experience; it was like nothing I expected. First of all, when I moved to Nevada I registered as… Read On

Who’s Responsible?

The other night I went to sleep and told my guides to send me a dream I could blog about.  I do this periodically to give them a chance to send me something they want me to share with others.  The dream I had that night had a profound emotional impact on me and I… Read On


What are the spiritual ramifications of abortion?  Is abortion murder?  Is it a sin?  Does a woman acquire negative karma when she terminates her pregnancy?  Does the father who agrees to an abortion suffer any negative karma?  Do souls choose to be aborted?  What happens to souls when they are aborted?  These are all great… Read On