Can you spare a dime?

During college, while I was getting my B.A. in Psychology, I took a few social psychology classes and ended up doing some interesting experiments.  One of them was an experiment where my partner, Marcy, and I wanted to determine under what conditions people were likely to give money to someone who asked.  We were testing… Read On

Culture Clash

In college I attended a leadership retreat as part of a program put on by the Greek Panhellenic Council at various schools in Southern California.  Four representatives from each sorority and fraternity were sent to the University of Santa Barbara for a weekend of learning how to be a good leader.  I figured it was just… Read On

Up Against the Ropes: A social psychology experiment

Back in college while getting my B.A. in Psychology, I took a Social Psychology course and I just loved it.  Our professor did these wonderful group experiments designed to showcase the behaviors of people when they get in a group.  But one experiment in particular really upset and amazed me.  I’ll tell you what happened… Read On

Stop Complaining and Do Something

Are you one of those people who complain about how the world is run?  Do you sit with your friends and say, “Those bastards in Washington need to get a clue” or “Why don’t our politicians do something for us?” or “How about a tax break for us poor folk down here.  We deserve something!” Stop… Read On

Giving Up Television

A lot of people know that Steve has given up watching television and I’ve received a lot of requests asking if I plan to give it up as well.  The short answer is, no, I’m not planning to give it up, and here’s why. I wrote a previous blog entry about Why I Never Watch… Read On