New York City Trip

You may have read in Steve’s blog that he and I will be traveling to New York City the week of October 14 to 21.  We’re going to set up a meeting in one of the parks there for readers of both our blogs so we can do a meet and greet and maybe a… Read On

The Criss Angel Celebrity Seance Episode

Many people were unable to see the episode of Criss Angel that I appeared on in 2006.  Thanks to You Tube everyone can see it now.  This link will show you the first part of the episode, the first 8.5 minutes.  My segment with the Ghost Connection paranormal investigators comes in around 6.5 minutes. Bear… Read On

Seeking People Who Have Had Near Death Experiences

I’m interested in speaking with people who have had near death experiences.  If you have been clinically dead or if you had an out of body experience during surgery or due to an accident, I’d like to speak with you.  I’m doing some personal research into this area and have some questions for you if… Read On

Workshop Suggestions

Steve and I have been discussing doing a 3 or 4 day seminar/workshop.  Steve has written about this on his blog today.  For those of you who read my blog and not his, I wanted to make you aware of it so you could give us some feedback on what you’d like to see in… Read On

My Interview at

Slade Roberson interviewed me for his blog, and the interview is posted now online.  Read it here.  Feel free to pop onto the forums to discuss it or leave comments on Slade’s site.  Thank you to Slade for the great questions.  I enjoy sharing.  I have a couple more interviews lined up.  If you’re interested… Read On