Growing Up Without Religion

Even though I am technically Jewish, born to two Jewish parents, I am not religious at all, nor was I raised religiously.  We celebrated Jewish holidays more for the festive, fun, family atmosphere than out of any adherence to a certain faith.  The only time we went to Temple was for other people’s weddings or… Read On

How Should You Communicate With Your Spirit Guides?

Is there some special way you’re supposed to talk to your spirit guides, angels, higher self, and/or God?  Do you have to speak out loud or can you talk to them in your mind? You can do both and they will hear you both ways.  When you think a thought, it creates energy.  That energy… Read On

But Where’s the Love?

In 10th grade when I was just 15 or 16 years old I got a psychic reading from Char, a wonderful and gifted psychic who appeared on all the tv and radio programs in the day.  I’ve written about the reading she gave me in another blog entry.  After my meeting with her, though, she… Read On