Can we learn new things in a lucid dream?

Question:  Supposedly when you lucid dream you can be or create whatever you want. Is it limited to what you already know, or can you learn new things? I mean we can’t fly but we know if we move our ‘wings’ we will fly. But say I know nothing about the Japanese language and in… Read On

Playing in the Dream World

Although I’m an advanced lucid dreamer, able to program and create a dream I want to have ahead of time, even I am amazed and intrigued by what’s been happening to me lately.  I’ve had some crazy dreams in the past.  For example, one time I dreamed I was Eddie Murphy’s penis.  Yep, you read… Read On

Astral Projection and Dreaming

A question that often comes through my inbox is how to tell the difference between an astral projection and a really vivid or lucid dream.  My short answer is, if you have to ask, you’re not astral.  Now let me go into more detail. There are three conditions that come up.  In the first, you… Read On

June 2008 News

60-Minute Intuitive Reading Option Now Available Due to high demand I’ve created an option for a 60-Minute Intuitive Phone Reading.  Most people who wanted the full hour were booking the Combo option where you got a reading and consultation, but I can see now that a 60-Minute all intuitive reading option is desired.   You can… Read On