Meditation Mind Teleseminar Now Available

In 2010 I did a teleseminar hosted by The Meditation Mind. We had a couple hundred people on the call live and I received more than 100 questions to answer, but we picked 25 questions and spent an hour talking about spirit guides, intuition, life purpose, and meditation. Now you can purchase and instantly download… Read On

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Teleseminar, Workshop, and CGW – Oh My!

This year I’m heading in new, interesting directions – expanding my medium to begin teaching and sharing what I know with groups of people instead of just one-on-one.  Join me on the journey! Erin’s Free Teleseminar – Wednesday, April 7, 2010 I’m doing my first live teleseminar on Wednesday, April 7 at 8pm EST.  To… Read On

Erin Recommends

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