Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina

Can Erin read for me even if I’m not in the United States?
Yes, Erin calls all over the world for readings. Just give her the number you want her to call and she’ll call it.

Will my deceased loved one come through?
Erin is primarily an intuitive counselor so she usually covers career, relationship, and your personal life. Sometimes a deceased loved one will come through, but it’s not Erin’s specialty, so if that’s the primary reason you’re getting a reading, you may benefit from going to someone who specializes in mediumship. But Erin will do her best to connect if she can.

Will the conversation be confidential?
Yes, Erin will not share the reading with anyone else.

Can I record the reading?
You can record the reading if you want. Just remember that sometimes technology can fail, so take notes as a back up.

How long is the wait time for a reading?
It varies. Phone reading wait times are about 3-6 weeks. But if you book an email reading you’ll get your answer within 72 hours guaranteed.

Does Erin ever do in-person readings?
Upon occasion. If you are coming to Las Vegas and want an in person reading with her, let her know and she’ll see if she can arrange it.

Can me and my partner share a reading?
Erin asks that only one person be present during each reading so that information is free to flow without censorship.

Service Description Price

Email Reading
1 question

One question, one answer, via email only, no follow ups. 3-day guaranteed turnaround time. Best for those who have an urgent decision to make or just have one important question. $150.00

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Email Reading
2 questions

Two questions or areas of your life covered. 3-day guaranteed turnaround time. Great option if you want to cover career and relationships, or other areas of your life. Most popular option. $250.00

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Phone Reading
15 Minutes

15 minutes on the phone with Erin. She will cover 3-5 areas of your life. $300.00

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