The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel by Erin Pavlina

Whether you are a beginner or on the road to mastery, the Astral Projection Guidebook will explain everything you need to know to have safe, positive, exciting astral experiences. Learn from an accomplished projector how to achieve separation, protect yourself from dark entities, and even connect with deceased loved ones on the other side. Comprehensive and informative, this book is everything you need to master the astral realms.
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The Other Side: Spirits, Guides, and the Afterlife
by Erin Pavlina

What happens when you die? How can you connect with a deceased loved one? Why did you choose your parents? In this collection of articles, Erin shares her wisdom, knowledge, and insights into what happens on the other side. If you’ve ever wanted to know what happens in the afterlife, this book will give you answers. Plus, when you purchase this ebook, you get two free bonuses. Learn more…

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Raising Your Vibration by Erin Pavlina

Overcome negativity in minutes, and be filled with joy, gratitude, and love as you move through your day. Send ripples of positive energy out that will affect everyone around you. Program contains 25 minutes of instruction plus 2 meditations designed to raise your vibration in less than 10 minutes. Learn more…

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Tranquility: Relaxing Rainfall by HazelMind

This music will transport your mind and soul at the same time. Whether you want to relax deeply or meditate to a higher vibration, this 30-minute program will take you there. Formulated with amplitude modulation, you don’t need headphones or a stereo to use this highly advanced form of brain entrainment. Just download, listen, and get ready to experience the transformation. Learn more and hear a sample …

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Tranquility: Tropical Ocean by HazelMind

Reach the higher planes instantly with this music program from HazelMind. Improve your concentration, awareness, or use it to channel messages from your guides. This 30-minute program will put you in a receptive state so you can tap into your path or communicate with your posse on the other side more easily than you have before. Learn more and hear a sample …

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Meditation Mind Teleseminar with Erin Pavlina

The Meditation Mind Teleseminar

Explore the many facets of the intuitive world in this 1 hour teleseminar with Erin Pavlina and Scott Desgrosseilliers of the Meditation Mind. Listen in as Erin answers questions about intuition, spirit guides, meditation and more. Learn more…

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