The Sand Castle

My father walked me to the park. I held his hand the entire way. If I was being honest, I was a little nervous about going to the park. I’d heard stories about what goes on there. People throwing sand at other people. Knocking them off their swing. Pushing them down the slide. I’d also… Read On

They’ve Forgotten Love

Yesterday I was trying to write a blog entry and nothing was coming to me.  It just wasn’t flowing.  I started and stopped 3 different articles and finally gave up, realizing that forcing it wasn’t going to serve me at all.  So I went to bed and asked my guides to inspire me with something… Read On

Going Home

I wrote a short little story I’d like to share with you.  Enjoy. The battle was over.  Mangled bodies littered the field, piled on top of each other. I walked among the carcasses, the acrid stench of death filling my nostrils, looking for other survivors.  Around me, other soldiers did the same.  No one spoke. … Read On

The Appointment

Here is a short story I wrote based on some experiences I’ve had. Enjoy! As she rode in the back of the black limousine she was uncomfortably reminded of the first time she had been in such a vehicle. She had been just 6 years old and didn’t understand what cancer was; all she knew… Read On

Once Again

It was time for me to make my decision. The Rishi had shown me what I needed to see in that pool of his that seemed to mesmerize and enchant me every time I gazed into it. How captivating and beautiful to see the Earth from such a vantage. The image in the water clouded… Read On