Ask Erin Q&A – Episodes

Here you can purchase mp3 recordings of the Ask Erin Pavlina Q&A series.

Each recording includes 15 questions submitted by readers and answered by Erin Pavlina.

Episode 1 (28:46)

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  • What language should I speak on the astral plane?
  • How do you protect yourself on the astral plane?
  • How do you feel about Jesus and his relevance to spirituality?
  • Which religion should we follow?
  • Are there limits on what we can do on the astral plane?
  • When someone suicides, how do they cope on the other side?
  • Why do some people get visits from deceased relatives and others don’t?
  • Can I stop someone from the astral plane from bothering me?
  • During a reading, can I tell my guides not to tell you something private?
  • Why are there inconsistencies among top psychics?
  • Are loved ones on the other side closer to us if we wear something from them?
  • Are there consequences in the afterlife for people who suicide?
  • Can we communicate with a person who has already reincarnated?
  • If we die with unfinished business, do we come back with the same person to finish?
  • Can we talk to deceased celebrities when we get to the other side?

Episode 2 (26:21)

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  • What is the best way to communicate with spirit guides?
  • Does the astral plane conform to what the world looks like?
  • If you astral project for 3 hours will it feel like 3 hours have passed?
  • Does my astrological sign affect anything related to astral projection?
  • How do I know if I’m receiving contact with a deceased person in my dreams?
  • How do you distinguish between guides, angels, and deceased loved ones?
  • what is the significance of 1111 or 444?
  • Can dead people appear in photos?
  • Is this really my guardian angel speaking with me?
  • When I use a pendulum, how do I know I’m speaking with someone good?
  • Can I improve my intuition so I don’t need a pendulum?
  • Can I ask my deceased brother to help me win the lottery?
  • Will I be with my boyfriend on the other side?
  • How do you know if a dead person is around you?
  • Can a dead person call and talk to you on the phone?

Episode 3 (25:31)

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  • How can I improve control of my lucid dreams?
  • Are some souls just born dark?
  • Where is Heaven and why do angels come from the sky?
  • Why don’t deceased people show us how they really look in our dreams?
  • Do deceased people understand us better once they cross over?
  • Where are all the new souls coming from?
  • Is it cheating to get guidance from your spirit guides?
  • How can I explore the paranormal without people thinking I’m crazy?
  • Do we meet our deceased loved ones in our next birth too?
  • Why do some people connect so easily with their guides?
  • How can I tell if a negative spirit is communicating with me?
  • Have you been to the Akashic Records?
  • How can I tell what the future holds for me?
  • Do deceased loved ones judge us?
  • What happens to the souls of those put to death by capital punishment?
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