Are Women More Psychic Than Men?

Question:  Are women more psychic than men, and if so why? Answer:  No, women are not more psychic than men.  The playing field is level between genders when it comes to psychic abilities.  However, it is probably more socially acceptable for a woman to demonstrate her intuitive abilities in society than it is for a… Read On

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Doing Readings at I Can Do It Conference

Hello dear readers and new visitors (welcome!). As some of you may remember, Steve and I have attended the I Can Do It conference put on by Hay House here in Las Vegas for the last few years.  This year, Steve will actually be one of their speakers since he is one of their upcoming… Read On

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1000 Readings

Cue the confetti and balloons, I just completed my 1000th professional psychic reading.  I started doing readings professionally on June 6, 2006, so it’s been about 22 months, not even two years.  I can scarce believe I’ve done that many readings.  I probably would have gotten to this point much sooner if I’d kept the email… Read On

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