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Compassion and Kindness
Erin Pavlina

Are We Doomed?

A friend wrote to me the other day and simply asked, “Are we doomed? It just seems hopeless right now.” This is what I told him…

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Does the Other Side Care About What Happens On Earth?

Someone emailed me the other day with this question, “I can’t believe Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States. Doesn’t the other side care about what happens to us? Why didn’t they stop him?” The short answer is free will. We’re living in a playground that contains a sandbox, and we are all free to make our sandcastles exactly the way we want. There is no one on the other side who is going to control our actions. There is no blueprint we have to follow. Creation is completely open to our whim. We are free to build

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What To Do When the World Isn’t Functioning the Way You Want It To

You’re born into a corporeal body. It takes years to adjust to it enough to be able to walk, talk, eat, and play. You grow up in some type of family structure and you figure out that sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Sometimes things go exactly the way you want them to and sometimes they don’t. You learn that life isn’t always fair and that you can’t control a whole lot. But there are a few things you can always control. You can control your conduct; you can decide if you will be kind or if

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Are the Outcomes of Elections Predestined?

I’m writing this article on November 7, the day before the 2016 Presidential Election. For the last several months people have asked me who is going to win the election, like it’s something predestined, like it’s something that can be predicted. It cannot. The other side does not decide in advance who is going to win an election. We are a people with free will. We do not come here with a destiny. We come with an intention. Some people fulfill their life intention and some don’t. No big deal. It’s a guideline not a prescription. An election is the

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The Truth About the Fight Between Good and Evil

Periodically people ask me if I can comment on the fight between good and evil, light and dark. Many feel we are “losing” the battle. What if I told you there was no battle? Good and evil, light and dark are concepts you’ve been led to believe are real, but they are not. “But, Erin, what about demons? Surely they are evil?” No. Demonic, low vibrational energies are scary, but not evil. Are bees evil when they swarm and sting you? Is a cougar evil when it takes down its prey? No. Scary yes, but evil, no. Every being in

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