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The Appointment

Here is a short story I wrote based on some experiences I’ve had. Enjoy! As she rode in the back of the black limousine she was uncomfortably reminded of the first time she had been in such a vehicle. She had been just 6 years old and didn’t understand what cancer was; all she knew was that it could take someone you love out of your life forever. The big black car came and took her and her father to the cemetery, where she saw all the relatives she usually saw only at Thanksgiving. She asked her father where her

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Once Again

It was time for me to make my decision. The Rishi had shown me what I needed to see in that pool of his that seemed to mesmerize and enchant me every time I gazed into it. How captivating and beautiful to see the Earth from such a vantage. The image in the water clouded over, and the Rishi turned to me, his deep eyes questioning. “Is this acceptable to you?” he asked. “Let me make sure I’ve got this straight,” I replied. “I work out my karma with that particular individual spirit, and then I can come home?” “Yes,

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