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Celebrate Your Life Review and Experience

This past weekend I attended the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  This was the first time I attended this particular conference.  The draw, for me, was an all-day workshop with spiritual medium, James Van Praagh.  Although he was teaching a basic medium course, I still felt I would gain some insights into this part of my gift and perhaps discover ways to enhance it.  I’ve never been officially “trained” as a medium, the ability comes naturally to me, but I don’t connect with the deceased in every reading I do, and it’s an area where I want to improve. 

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Two Conferences, Two Chances for In-Person Readings

Just a reminder that if you are going to the I Can Do It conference next week in Tampa, Florida that I am available for an in-person reading.  If you aren’t going to the conference but live in the area, you can book an in-person reading as well.  We’ll be there from Thursday to Monday and I still have a few slots open for readings.  That’s October 2-6, 2008.  If you haven’t heard about the I Can Do It conference, you may be quite interested in attending.  Dozens of great speakers and workshops too.  Steve will be doing a presentation

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