The Secret to Forgiving Yourself

Have you ever made a mistake you thought was so bad that you simply couldn’t forgive yourself? So bad that you sunk into a depression and were unable to move on? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why can’t we forgive ourselves for our mistakes? How long must you flog yourself before you are… Read On

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Pinpricks of Light

Are you at the end of your rope?  Are you about ready to let go and call it a life?  Are you depressed?  Is your light just going … out?  When I prepare to do an intuitive reading for someone, I do a little tuning in before I call them on the phone.  Part of… Read On

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How To Find the Light When You’re Drowning in the Dark

I receive a lot of communications from people who are in deep trouble.  They’re depressed, suicidal, overcome with fear, unable to function in daily life, succumbing to abuse, or too panicked to live.  In short, they’re drowning in darkness, unable to see the light anymore.  These people often feel they are at their wit’s end,… Read On

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