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How can I purge myself of the negative energy sticking to me?

Question: As an empath, I often take on the suffering of others. How can I purge myself of the negative energy that is sticking to me? – Lea Answer: See last week’s answer about empathy and negative energy. However, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you and all the other empath’s out there that you do not have to take on other people’s negative energy. It’s not part of your job requirements. If you can’t stay away from negatively charged people, then learn to keep yourself shielded from their negativity. This is the difference between sympathy and empathy. You can

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5 Steps to Greater Empathy and Oneness

Empathy is a powerful tool that you can use to help you connect with other people, which will increase your feelings of oneness.  When you can identify a person’s emotional state it gives you more information about that person, which allows you to make a more informed decision about how you’ll interact with or communicate with them.  The more you understand someone, the better you’ll communicate with them.  Greater empathy could get you a job or the love of your life one day.  Empathy can prevent arguments before they start, and end fights before they get out of hand.  Why

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