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Paranormal Investigation of Foxridge Park

Foxridge Park in Henderson, Nevada is allegedly haunted by a little boy who was killed by a drunk driver. The boy apparently likes to play on the swing late at night. According to some reports he likes to swing alone, and if you look him in the eyes, he will turn into a “demon” and vanish. I’ve been itching to do another paranormal investigation, and so it was that I found myself with a little free time one weekend. I decided that my team and I would hit the park and knock this one off my checklist. To be honest,

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How can you capture EVP from ghosts?

Episode #16 of the Ask Erin Pavlina YouTube Series is now live: Submit your own question Subscribe to Erin’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss a single episode. This week’s question comes from Jose: “How can you capture EVP from ghosts?” Transcript of the Video: Hello and welcome to another episode of “Ask Erin Pavlina.” Today’s question comes from Jose. He writes, “What is the best way to entice a spirit to speak through an EVP while ghost hunting?” Great question. First of all, EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Ghost hunters or paranormal investigators will take a digital voice

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10 Tips for Ghost Hunters

As I’ve begun foraying back into the world of doing paranormal investigations, I’m rediscovering my love of the hunt. I know ghost hunting is pretty popular right now, and I know a lot of amateur investigators are jumping on the ghost hunting bandwagon, but you don’t just want to jump in willy nilly without knowing what you’re doing. So I’ve assembed the 10 things you need to know to do a proper and safe ghost hunt. Pick the Proper Location Paranormal activity can occur in all sorts of locations. For example hotels, cemeteries, prisons, hospitals, private homes, parks, bridges, scene

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