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How I got IBM and Kaiser Permanente to Offer Me a Job Without Me Ever Applying for One

I was in graduate school, working towards a master’s degree in Human Factors Engineering, which is the study of the interaction between man and systems. My goal in life at that point was to go work for NASA and help design spaceships that people could live on happily for long periods of time. Yes, I was a Trekkie, and that was my dream. If you knew me at the time, you would have described me as proactive, ambitious, motivated, and confident. And I was. But one thing was bugging me while I was in graduate school. I really had no

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Are You Trading Your Soul for a Paycheck?

You know what I’m talking about. Are you trading your soul for a paycheck? Do you go to work every day because you have to or because you want to? Are you doing work that makes you happy or are you doing work that just pays the bills? If you bound out of bed every day eager to get to work, that’s awesome, you can safely skip this article and go back to work. But if you hate going to work or you’ve become numb to that hate because you’ve grown accustomed to working for money instead of love, read

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How To Know When To Leave Your Job

I’ve seen it in hundreds of readings I’ve done for people, they’re no longer a vibrational match for their current job, but they’re not sure if they should leave it, when they should leave it, and what they should leave it for.  When is the right time to leave your job and how do you figure out what to do next? You either fell into your job accidentally or you moved to it consciously.  That doesn’t matter today.  If you no longer like your job and wish  you were someplace else doing the same thing or someplace else doing something

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