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Going Raw Update – Day 11

I’m still here, still raw, and I’ve sure learned a lot.  Here is my update. Weight Loss My weight loss rate has definitely slowed down.  I started the trial at 198.6 and by day 6 I was down to 192.4.  This morning I weighed in at 191.8 for a net loss of 6.8 pounds on this 30-day trial.  After my initial glorious weight loss, I expected to lose weight faster, especially since I have a lot to lose.  So I was really surprised when the weight loss stalled.  For a few days the scale didn’t move at all, and I

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Going Raw Update – Day 4

This is an update to my 30-day raw diet trial.  I’m still raw.  Yay!  Thank you to everyone who has sent me supportive and encouraging emails (and recipes!).  It’s going well. Weight Loss Remember that I started on Tuesday morning, Day 1, with a weight of 198.6.  On Wed, I weighed 195.0.  On Thursday I weighed 194.2.  And this morning, I saw 192.8.  I am stunned, but of course ebullient.  That’s a net loss of 5.8 pounds in just a few days.  That’s what I used to lose each month on my previous weight loss plan.  Where is this weight

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