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How to Take Down the Ego Imp

Have you ever heard a little voice in your mind saying things to you like, “You’re no good. Who do you think you are? You’re never going to make it. You may as well stop trying. It’s never going to work.” What about, “He’s never going to love you, you’re not worthy of love. Why do you even bother trying to find love anymore? You’re going to be alone the rest of your life.” Where do you think that little voice comes from? I’ll tell you. Meet the Ego Imp. He sits on your shoulder and whispers disempowering things in

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Rejection is a Blessing

In my early 20’s I had an acquaintance named Adam. The first thing I noticed about Adam was his self-confidence. He would very easily approach girls at a party, ask them to dance or ask them if they wanted a drink, and if they said no, he would shrug and move on to the next girl instantly, with no break in his stride or confidence. I watched him get turned down over and over again, but he kept at it until he found a girl who took him up on his offer. He was highly social, a life-of-the-party kind of

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How do you recover after an emotional setback?

Question:  How do you raise your energy when you’ve been stepped on and emotionally trounced by another person, and your self esteem is so low that you can’t even imagine ever being happy again?  Answer:  I think everyone goes through periods in their lives when they feel stepped on and emotionally crushed.  Sometimes the emotional pain is worse than any physical pain you can imagine.  I know, I’ve been there myself.  Trying to find happiness, trying to find even a smidgeon of joy, can be difficult, especially if you have low self esteem or otherwise feel powerless. Find positive thoughts. 

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